Public Speaking

I love doing speaking gigs (the sound of one’s own voice being a particular pleasure). If you want to hire me for your wedding, christening or Bar Mitzvhah,  I’m represented by Alison Matthews of ABM Management.

Engagements to-date have included conferences for the Federation of Small Businesses and The Romantic Novelists Association, Writers Holiday, The Annual Writers Conference, The Guildford Book Festival, The British Society of Comedy Writers and The Rotary Club as well as talks to numerous writing groups and dining clubs and once – for charity – standing on a box at Speakers Corner (oh my god!).

I am a client of along with Edwina Currie, Toyah, Erin Pizzy, Pam Ayres, Charlie Dimmock, Judith Chalmers, Aggie MacKenzie, Alice Beer and other such luminaries. With Edwina at the press launch of (pictured above).

With Fiona Walker at the Derbyshire Book Festival – looking like a sumo wrestler (me, not the lovely Fiona!)

And in Hyde Park, battling to be heard above the buses and hecklers. “Get off, you dyke” (Moi??) and “Women should be in the kitchen” were two of their favourites.


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