Writing Magazine

My monthly column in Writing Magazine, ‘Talk It Over’, is a discussion of some sort of writing dilemma – what to if your work keeps getting rejected, for example, (have a stiff drink and send it out again) to whether it’s a good idea to give up the day job to do it full-time (probably not!), and why you can never get past the 10,000 word mark when you try to write a novel (you’re being a wimp – don’t give up so easily). For an example, click here or scroll down to the bottom of this page.

Doing it is particularly special to me as I can remember reading Writing Magazine and the sister publication, Writers News, when I first started out and gazing enviously at all those tales of book deals etc. Writers News is a very useful source of information if you’re any sort of writer or would like to be – lots of info on markets, competitions, who’s looking for what and so-on. And you may quote me – they did! (I do like being described as a “young” writer… :))

Visit https://www.writers-online.co.uk. Below is just one of the many articles that have appeared in the Writing Magazine.

Writing Magazine is available in all good newsagents and the combined edition of Writing Magazine / Writers News is available via subscription – details on their website.


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