Plain Jane

Plain Jane 030715I wrote a fortnightly column for my local paper – the Isle of Thanet Gazette. It was part rant, part diary, part observation of local goings-on – whatever I fancied really.

When I first started it, the then editor, Mike Pearce, said it was up to me if I wanted to be loved or hated and I could say what I liked as long as I didn’t libel anyone!

On the whole I got more supportive letters than not, though I’d get the odd one telling me I talk rubbish.

In one issue, I reported how a reader had written in to say I clearly drank too much. My most favourite missive ever, came in response. “In my opinion,” an elderly gentleman wrote, “Jane Wenham-Jones does not drink enough. If she did, she might find something sensible to say..”

The columns included:


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