Wannabe a writer – news, events, competitions, the chance to chat to other writers. I try to be in the chat room most sunday mornings around 11 a.m….

Morgen Bailey – apart from being a writer herself (and prolific blogger), Morgen designs blogs and created this one 🙂 She is Fab! Very calming when I am being manic (which is quite often).

Real Writers an appraisal service run by Lynne Patrick with a team of working, published writers (like Building Societies, not all Appraisal Services are the same!). Lynne single-handedly taught me how to edit, cut the waffle and knock short stories into the sort of shape that editors might want – all by post.

Not all writing courses are the same either. I have much affection for  Writers Holiday held every summer in Caerleon. Great courses, fab speakers (including one you’ve now heard of) and wonderful food. Highlight of the week is when the local Welsh Male Voice Choir come along to put on a private concert and then carry on in the bar afterwards. Fantastic night, shame about the hangover. (And the dancing…. :-))

Other sites you might find useful…

Society of Authors A good thing to join.

The Romantic Novelists Association Ditto

My friend Lesley’s jewellery – she’s very clever, have a look
A chance to download extracts from thousands of books – a sort of try before you buy.

The New Writer
A terrific magazine – have subscribed since the beginning. Merric Davidson is Great!

Probably need some more links here but I am working under pressure (as ever!) If you think of something I should add – give me a shout. I’ll get blogs by my various pals up here as soon as I get a bit more organised… 


3 thoughts on “Links

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  2. Thanks Captain. We did have the links but they caused problems for a couple of visitors who tried to access them. So for now we just have the follow but it’s on my ‘to do’ list. 🙂

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