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Prime Time launch party

Held in the intimate setting of the Broadstairs Sailing Club, the launch party to celebrate the paperback edition of my latest novel Prime Time took place on Saturday 30th June 2012. We had…

flowers and champagne…

hors d’oevres…


and cheese…

I caught up with a friend…

talked shop with my blog creator and fellow writer Morgen Bailey

listened to the speeches…

a good time was had by all…

and finally, the book behind the party…

Thanks to Tony Tibbenham  for the photos and Vanessa (of Vanessa’s Books), pictured above, for flogging the books.


3 thoughts on “Prime Time launch party

  1. Lovely book ( I read the Kindle version then bought and got Jane to sign a proper version ). Jane is a source of energy and inspiration. Someone said Party and despite 6 hours travelling, each way, it was a lovely weekend with a good party, mercifully short and funny speeches and plenty of reasons to be happy.

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