Jane bottom - pink (blog - orig)I know I’m a bit of a show-off but even I wouldn’t display my bottom without good reason.

Jane bottom - black (blog - orig)These photos were taken as possible cover shots for my new book – 100 Ways to Fight the Flab, currently on Kindle, possibly in print later, written to help writers everywhere combat Writer’s Bottom.

(Ironically my own derriere is a couple of pounds heavier than it is in the pics, from where I sat on it solidly for a week finishing said work. I am now following own tips…).

Even if you are not a writer, but are feeling a little blobby and jaded after the festive season, and still like your wine and crisps, then this is for you too.

CHEZ CASTILLONIf you ARE a writer, or think you might like to be one then there’s an added extra between the pages – a competition to win a week’s course – with me! – at the glorious Chez-Castillon in the Dordogne. Full details HERE.

Mere ordinary mortals will have to buy the book to find the entry code but for you my lovely, loyal blog-readers, here it is anyway WRITERSBOTTOM13. So nothing to lose (except fat!) and a fab holiday to win – worth £875, no less. (If you want to download the book out of sheer gratitude you can click here :-)).


I am probably not thin enough to be writing a diet book….

But on the other hand, I am not morbidly obese.

Which, considering my unhealthy career choice (not for nothing did I coin the term ‘Writer’s Bottom’), vast consumption of wine, crisps and chocolate and somewhat erratic approach to exercise, is a small miracle. Depending on which set of charts I use and how much I fudge my height, I am generally within ‘normal’ parameters.

I have a BMI of 22 ish, a hip to waist ratio that passes muster with the medical profession and there was a day, once, when I was wearing black and the sort of underwear that crushes your internal organs, when I was even described as ‘slim’.

I am at the sort of weight where if you dress cleverly, hold your stomach in and make sure no one snaps you with a wide-angled lens, you can get by without anybody thinking you’re too much of a fat moo (heavy weekend on the peanuts, a badly cut dress and the skinniest friend in tow: different story).

If I need to, I can quickly lose half a stone, and the rest of the time, there are small steps I take to keep that writer’s backside at bay. I am going to share these with you here.

As a disclaimer, I must point out that I am not a nutritionist, or a doctor and if you are truly obese and needing three airline seats there is little I can do except to suggest you don’t wear white leggings.

100 Ways cover - small

But if your arse is merely on the large side and you’re feeling a little podgy round the edges, welcome to my world….


As mentioned above, ‘The 100 Ways to Fight the Flab – The Wannabe Guide to a Better Bottom’ is available on Kindle from Amazon.com or Amazon.co.uk

Update 18th January 2013: 100 Ways received its first review! You can read it on the 100 Ways to Fight the Flab book page.