Well of course, I’d always rather be on the fizz cos it means there’s something to celebrate (or there isn’t, but there ought to be) but right now I am rather enjoying the old teapigs still.

I wasn’t convinced about  chocolate flake tea (sweet drinks? ugh) but sometimes needs must. I turned to it when I was having one of my fasting sessions and it got me through – does actually taste like you’ve dipped some cadbury’s chocolate fingers (a small passion I devoted about a quarter of my first novel to) into the cup, which is probably because you sort of have – it has real flakes of the brown stuff in it.  And I liked it!  Which was a surprise as the tea bit is assam and I’m more of a darjeeling woman. Not sure I’d want it all the time but good as a pick-me-up when you can’t eat the real stuff.

My absolute favourite so far is Jasmine Pearls – this is really lovely – little balls of tightly wound jasmine leaves and buds in the pig bit – that unfurl in the water to produce a really aromatic, flowery, light (God, I’m rubbish at this descriptive bit – would never make a restaurant critic – hang on what do they say? “Very delicate green tea with a light, floral, refreshing, natural jasmine taste.” Oh, am not doing so badly then) flavour. I LOVED this one.

What I also love is the teapigs’


whereby you can choose tea according to your current state. It includes…

So that’s me more or less covered…

Pat from Suffolk is coming along next to give her verdict on the mint teas I posted her (you could have had some too if you’d only said.)

Cheers till then!