A quickie for Thanetians

Or anyone within distance of. Just flagging up tomorrow’s excitement – RAMSGATE’S GOT WRITING TALENT – the annual literary bunfight that could win you lunch with ME (plus a couple of other local good eggs) and an intro to a literary agent. For more details see HERE (bloody peculiar photo I grant you) or read my column in today’s Isle of Thanet Gazette (to which there ought to be a web link but to which there usually isn’t – don’t get me started).

Anyway it’s a bit of fun with a great prize and a workshop from me – all for a tenner. Comment below if you want any more details. Happy Friday! jxx

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  1. Hi Joe, HELP. Please tell me about Ramsgate’s Got Writing Talent. I am going and don’t know what to expect. Are you going to be there? How are you? Love, Frankie Jordan
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    Joe Eddington
    Yes I hope to go.It’s a great day. Two years ago I went and was fortunate enough to win. There were one or two workshops on writing a novel and then we were given time to write our opening paragraph. I only had a sketchy idea about the novel I was going to write but got down to it.. I did attend the winners lunch with Jane Wenham-Jones and Rebecca Smith and it was excellent. However it was clear that to be published a lot of work needed to be done and I didnt take it any further- my fault entirely. Really go for it! See you there!

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